Ford Sony AMP Wiring Diagram- Explained With Image

Music is something that makes a drive seamless. And what else do you need if you own a Ford that has a Sony sound system? It’s just amazing, isn’t it? 

But if you’re in a state where you will have to wire a Sony amp on your Ford, you will need a diagram for that. So, here comes a question, ‘What is a Ford Sony amp wiring diagram?’ Well, it’s like a map that tells you what to do to particularly wire a Sony amp on your Ford. 

However, we have come up with an easier option because we will be telling you about what is in the diagram in written form. This article is like a written Ford Sony amp wiring diagram. So, without further ado, let’s dive in. 

What Is A Ford Sony Amp Wiring Diagram

In plain words, the Ford Sony amp wiring diagram is the entire roadmap of how to wire a Sony amp on a Ford car. That’s it. 

It’s basically an image that shows you the path and tells you the entire process of wiring the amp. This diagram may be provided to you as a soft copy or hard copy but this is the purpose it serves. 

ford sony amp wiring diagram

Most people don’t actually know how to wire a Sony amp or any other amp in their Ford. A diagram in this regard shows every single move in a detailed way and that’s why it’s a great tool for them. 

But for many people, following this diagram may be a bit difficult as it’s not visually pleasing and not so buttery easy to understand. For that reason, we will be discussing the whole amp wiring process in detail. 

What Are The Parts Of the Ford Sony Amp Wiring Mechanism?

In order to wire a Sony amp in your Ford, there are a couple of things that you will be in need of. Let’s get to know about these pieces of stuff one by one. 

The Amplifier

First thing first, you will need an amplifier. So, if your Ford has a Sony sound system built-in, you should go with a Sony amplifier (for example Sony XMN1004) as there is a chance to get better results as it will fall into the same eco-system. 

ford sony amplifier
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Ground and Power Wires

The ground and power wires are here to pass electric current to the amp. Before buying the power and ground wire, you must know the size requirement based on the amp you’re going to use. Because, if you get the ones that don’t match the size requirement, you won’t get the best result or in some cases, it won’t even work. 

You can simply get an amplifier wiring kit instead of buying the cables, fuse, and other things separately. In fact, you will get some extra necessary things along with it.

RCA Cables

RCA cables are a must for this whole process. This thing works as a middleman as it takes the input signal from the receiver and passes it on. So, don’t forget to get good quality RCA cables as it’s a significant part of this wiring cycle. 


This is yet another important part that you have to get. A fuse is a tool that will work as a safeguard because this is something that will protect the other parts or your car in general from any sort of electrical destructive incident. 

Speaker Wire

And last but not least, the speaker wire is yet another must-have tool. When it comes to speaker wires, there is a place of flexibility as, from 18 to 14 gauge any size of the wire will do the job. 

How To Wire A Sony Amp On Your Ford? 

So, now we are up for the game. This is the main part where we will be talking about how you can actually mount your Sony beast amp in your Ford. So, buckle up as things are going to be a little bit tiring.

However, before going to the main discussion there is something that you need to know. You can place your amplifier anywhere that you feel convenient. But it’s recommended to place it on the back side of the rear seat. 

Step 1- Making The Hole 

So, the first step is to open the hood of your car and see the battery’s position. Because you will have to make a small hole beside the battery so that you can make space for wires to go.

After that, get into your car, find a grommet, and make a hole using any tool that seems convenient to you. Then push that tool and make it go out from the battery’s upper side part that is underneath the hood.

Do this entire thing very very carefully and make sure you don’t mess up with the existing wiring system. 

Step 2- Pulling Out The Wire

Now, get into your car and tape the power wire with the other part of the tool (for example you used a narrow clothing hanger).  Next, go to the engine bay or underneath the hood and pull out the tool so that the power cord comes out of the hole. 

Step 3- Installing Fuse Holder

The next step is to place the fuse holder. Make sure to find a suitable spot beside the battery.

First of all, cut a small part of the power wire. The part of the power wire has to be at such a length so that the fuse holder doesn’t hang or stay in a loose state.

Then, put one end of it into the terminal ring and the other end into the fuse holder and tighten it. Next, connect the power wire that comes from the passenger compartment to the other part of the fuse holder.  

Step 4- Connecting Power Wire To The Battery 

The next job is to connect the power wire to the positive terminal of the battery. First, place a terminal ring onto one end of the power wire. Then bring out the nut of the battery terminal, place the power wire ring replacing the nut and you’re done. 

Step 5- Wiring The Ground Wire

Now you will have to wire the ground wire and this is one of the most vital moves of the whole amp wiring process. 

First, find a hole or bolt beside where you have placed your Sony amplifier. If there isn’t a hole or bolt, make one but be careful of other internal components, especially the gas tank or wire. 

After that, attach a ring terminal with the ground wire and place it in the bolt or hole. Make sure to tighten it properly. You can use any tool (for example extra screws or a star washer) that you find useful. 

If the wire isn’t tightened properly, you will be facing some unwanted ground wire issues. 

Step 6- Connecting The Remote Wire 

The next task is connecting the remote wire to the amplifier wiring kit. The remote wire comes from the stereo and in most cases, it’s white and blue in color.

However, to connect the remote wire, first remove the stereo as this will give you access to the remote wire. 

Then rip off the outer part of a small section of it from one end and do the same for the turn-on lead (turn-on lead comes along with your amplifier wiring kit) and connect them.

You can use any material such as a crimp connector or a solder to establish the connection.

Step 7-Connecting RCA Cables

Now it’s time to connect the RCA cables. This thing is pretty easy. Just normally connect the cables to the port of the amp and you’re done. 

But there is one thing that you need to keep in mind and that is to route the RCA cable as far from the power cable as possible. 

Otherwise, you will have to deal with the noise problem and surely you won’t like it. 

Step 8-Connecting The Speaker To The Amp

Okay, now it’s time to connect the speaker with the Sony amp. First, take a significant portion of the speaker wire and rip off the outer plastic of both ends. 

Usually, speaker wires come in a pair jointly. That means two wires are joined together. One is red and this is positive. The other one is black which is negative. 

There is a ‘must’ thing here and that is the positive speaker wire must be put to the positive terminal of the amp and the negative speaker wire to the negative terminal of the amp. 

So, now that you have ripped off the outer part of the wire, connect one end of the positive wire to the positive terminal of both the speaker and the amp. On the other hand, connect the negative wire to the negative end. 

Then tighten the connection with screws or simply solder it- go with the option that you find convenient. 

Step 9- Turning The Amp On

This is the final step. It’s time to run the Sony amplifier on your Ford. Before making any move, check whether every connection is in a proper state or not. Make sure they are secure and tight. 

Now, turn on the car and then the radio. Play some music or any audio file you want. Raise the volume, and check the speaker and subwoofer. If everything is working properly, you’re done with wiring the amp. 

Ford Sony Amp Wiring Common Problems And Solutions

So, now that we know the entire process of wiring a Sony amp on a Ford car, let’s get to know about some of the most common problems that people face while wiring the amp and their possible solutions. 

Clipping Sound From Amp

This happens if the amp isn’t getting enough power or the speaker is not in proper working condition or it gets old. So, in the first place, make sure the amp gets enough power.

If the amp is getting the power it needs then maybe there are some issues with the speaker and you may need to fix that or go with a replacement.

Amp Doesn’t Power On 

Sometimes, even after the amp is wired properly, it won’t start or power on. This is one of the most commonly witnessed problems.

If the remote wire doesn’t get power, the radio won’t get power as it’s connected directly to the radio and if the radio doesn’t get power, the amp won’t power on. 

So, check if the power connection to the radio and to the amp is in a working state or not. If that’s okay, see the connection condition of the power wire, remote wire, and ground wire.

Because, if there is any sort of problem in the connection of these wires or they are connected incorrectly, the amp won’t power on. 

Noise or Distortion Coming From The Amp

If you notice any sort of noise or distortion coming out of your amp then that means the RCA cables and speaker wires are placed close to the power and ground wire.

It’s highly recommended to route the speaker wires and RCA cables as far as possible from the power and ground wires. Because if that’s not done, you hear noises for some technical reasons. 

So, now you will have to re-route the speaker wires and the RCA cables. If the problem is still there, check the ground wires and see if there is any sort of problem or not. 


The truth is yes, wiring an amp whether it’s from Sony or any other company on your Ford or in your car in general is a pretty hectic job. It may sound easy but in reality, it’s not at all buttery smooth. 

You need to have some prior knowledge if not experience before making a move. The best thing to do is to consult with someone who is an expert or at least with someone who has done it before. 

Though the entire process is tiring and time-consuming, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. Just be mindful and patient when you do the job. 

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